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Pastoral Team:
Rosanna McFadden
Elizabeth Kelsey

We worship at:
60455 CR 113
Elkhart, IN 46517
Phone: 574-875-7800
Fax: 574-875-7885

Sunday Worship
9:30 a.m.
Fellowship Time
10:45 a.m.
Church School
11:00 a.m.
Visitors welcome!
All times are
Eastern Time.



Prayers for boys and girls...

Teach a Little Child to Pray

Lord, teach a little child to pray,
And oh, accept my prayer;
you can hear all the words I say,
For You are everywhere.

A little sparrow cannot fall,
Unnoticed, Lord, by You;
And though I am so young and small
You can take care of me. Amen.

A Child's Grace

Thank you for the world so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat,
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you, God, for everything. Amen.

A Child's Prayer

Forgive me if I have this day
Done any wrong in work or play;
Oh, help me always to do right,
And bless me every day and night. Amen.


We Thank Thee

We thank You, heavenly Father,
For every earthly good,
For life, and health, and clothing,
And for our daily food.

Oh, give us hearts to thank You
For every blessing sent,
And whatsoe'er You send
Make us therewith content. Amen.

Help Your Little Children

Father in heaven,
Help Your little children
To love and serve You
Throughout this day.
Help us to be truthful,
Help us to be kindly,
That we may please You
In all we do or say. Amen.

Guard Us, Keep Us

Heavenly Father, hear our prayer,
Keep us in Your loving care.
Guard us through the livelong day
In our work and in our play.
Keep us pure and sweet and true
In everything we say and do. Amen.

A Morning Prayer

Now I wake and see the light,
Your love was with me through the night;
To You I speak again and pray
That You will led me all the day.
I ask not for myself alone,
But for Your children, every one. Amen.

Good Night Prayer

Father, unto You I pray,
You have guarded me all day;
Safe I am while in Your sight,
Safely let me sleep tonight.

Bless my friends, the whole world bless.
Help me to learn helpfulness;
Keep me ever in Your sight;
So to all I say good night. Amen.


We Give You Thanks

For food and all Your gifts of love
We give You thanks and praise;
Look down, O Father, from above,
And bless us all our days. Amen

Giving Thanks

Heavenly Father, hear our thanks
For Your loving care;
Help us now to show our love,
And each blessing share. Amen.


Help Us to Do the Things We Should

Father we thank You for the night
And for the pleasant morning light,

For rest and food and loving care,
And all that makes the day so fair.

Help us to do the things we should
To be to others kind and good,

In all we do, in all we say,
To grow more loving every day. Amen.

Three Things I Ask

Dear Lord, of You three things I pray;
To know You more clearly,
To love You more dearly,
And to serve You every day. Amen.


Evening Prayer

Now the light has gone away;
Savior, listen while I pray,
Asking You to watch and keep
And to send me quiet sleep. Amen

Father of Children Everywhere

We thank You for this food
And for Your loving care,
Father of children everywhere.

We have so much, dear Father,
We ask a chance to share
Our many, many blessings
With children everywhere. Amen.


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