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Pastoral Team:
Rosanna McFadden
Elizabeth Kelsey

We worship at:
60455 CR 113
Elkhart, IN 46517
Phone: 574-875-7800
Fax: 574-875-7885

Sunday Worship
9:30 a.m.
Fellowship Time
10:45 a.m.
Church School
11:00 a.m.
Visitors welcome!
All times are
Eastern Time.


History of Creekside Church
and the former Elkhart City COB

1900 - 1927

The church building was remodeled in 1902. The front entrance was changed to the street level and the auditorium wall was moved to make room for classrooms.

J. V. Felthouse replaced Pastor Heestand as part-time pastor in 1904; it was decided to support the minister with $300-$350 and allow him to work half time. From 1905 to 1907 preaching was done by several ministers; they were paid $1.00 per sermon. In 1907 E. L Heestand became the full-time pastor with a salary of $500 a year; he served until 1909 when Clem C. Kindy became pastor and served until September 1911.

From September 1911 until January 1918 volunteers from the congregation filled the pulpit. In May of 1917 $1,258.89 was pledged for building more classrooms, enlarging the basement, and installing a furnace. Membership in 1917 was 125. Elias C. Swihart came as part-time pastor in January 1918; he was employed as full-time pastor in January 1920 at $25 a week; he served until 1924.

In 1923, the pulpit was added, a baptistery was built under the pulpit floor, the auditorium was extended, a coat room and balcony were added, a square tower was built on the northwest corner of church which housed the vestibule and classrooms, and the basement was extended. Cost, $6500. The remodeling was completed and dedicated on September 30, 1923. In July 1924 William J. Buckley came to serve as full-time pastor; he left in November of 1926; in 1927 William Kinsey came and served as full-time pastor until April of 1932.



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