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Week 4
Keeping Promises

How does God keep promises to us? How do we keep promises to God?

Keeping promises means that if we say we'll do something, we will do it. It might be easy to make a promise, but hard to keep it. Can you think of a promise you made? Were you able to keep it?

God made lots of promises to people in the Bible. God promised that the Hebrews would be God's chosen people, and God would deliver them and protect them, and God did. Jesus showed us that God's love and God's promises are for everyone. In order to be God's chosen ones, God's children, we have to love God back. God sent the Holy Spirit to show that God will keep his promise forever. We can trust God to keep his promises and to love us always.

We don't always keep our promise to love God back. Sometimes we forget, or think it doesn't matter, or try to do things our way instead of God's way. This doesn't surprise God-the Hebrew people in the Bible did exactly the same thing. But God wants us to keep our part of the promise. Over and over again, God says, "Remember. Remember what I have done for you. Remember that you are my children, and I love you."

Here's a prayer that doesn't have any words that you can do to help you remember God, and that God loves you. It's a good reminder in the morning, but you can do this any time of the day. If you're having a rough day, you might do it more than once. Do the motions slowly enough that you can think about what they mean. You can say what you're thinking out loud, if you want.

Stretch arms up (Good morning, God! Thank you for being with me today.)

Reach out with open hands (I want to receive what you have for me today)

Cross hands over heart (I accept what you give me)

Open hands at waist level (Help me to share your gifts with others)

Place palms together, bow head (I remember how you bless me)

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