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Week 5

What is God doing in the world? What should we be doing?

God wants good things for everybody. You may be fortunate enough to have plenty of food, warm clothes, and a safe home to sleep in. Not all children or families have these things. Some people have more than they need, and some people don't have enough. How can everyone have enough?

This is a tough question. Lots of adults-people who run countries and governments-have tried to come up with answers, but there are still people who don't have enough. People who live in countries where there isn't enough rain to grow the food they need, people who have lost their homes because of floods or fires; people who are sick or have lost their jobs; people who are refugees because of war. It isn't easy to think about these people and how miserable they must feel. Some of them live in countries far away, but you may have neighbors or classmates at school who don't have enough, either.

Jesus met people who were poor, hungry, and sick. He wasn't afraid to listen to them and talk to them, even though they were miserable. Jesus fed some of the hungry people and cured some of the people who were sick. He couldn't feed everyone or make everyone feel better, but he did show us how God wants us to treat other people.

In the Bible, justice is not being fair, or getting what we deserve. Justice isn't just us; it is God's plan for everyone to have enough, for the world to be a safe place for all people, and for us to respect God's creation. It means that we want what God wants, and are willing to give up something of ours so that other people can have what they need. This could be money, but it doesn't need to be. Caring about other people means that we spend time with them, listen to them and try to understand them. You might find that they care about you, too. Sometimes we try to help someone and they end up helping us!

This week, think of a person you know who seems lonely or sad. Remember that person when you pray, and ask God if there's something you can do to help. If you are lonely or sad, ask God if there's something you could do for someone else that might make you feel better.

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